Free 3 Online Certificate Courses Essential for All University Students During COVID 19

You can Add to your CV, Apply for Job, Start a Startup if you Follow these short Free 3 Courses Online with your Mobile Phone.

If you feel you did nothing productive in building your professional Profile in your CV, Then this Blog is For you! We will not only discuss what are the free Courses but also look how Learner Friendly they are and What jobs you will be able to Apply with these Online Course Certificates.

You can start doing these free courses using your mobile phone (Smart phone Obviously!) but it is recommended to Continue these using A Laptop or a Desktop (PC) so that you can get the full use out of the Easy to use inter-phase. Most courses comes with a “Watch a Video : Hint ” Section and Sometime you need to do a Practical interactive session to complete the task or assignment. A wider screen will help you navigate easily around the functionalities in each platforms.

Be warned! You may need to Motivate Yourself constantly and Will power to Go through these Courses.

Without further delay lets go into the 3 Free Online Certificate Courses to make your CV and Professional Journey a Success!

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing is a 40-hour online course. It has 26 modules. Each module has bite sized video lessons. At the end of each lesson you get to do a short exercise to test the knowledge gained from that particular lesson. After you complete all the lessons in a module, you do an end-of-module test.

To complete the course you have to do a final test consisting of 40 questions. After that you will immediately be awarded with a PDF certificate. The certificate has an ID and provides a link to prove the authenticity of the certificate. It’s really well done and legit.

I enjoyed this course so much because of how practical it was. A lot of the time educational courses mainly focus on theories, but this course dives straight into the practical know how of digital marketing. Another great point about this course is the digital marketing links and additional resources offered at the end of each lesson. These will significantly help you in digitally marketing your business, non-profit organisation, or brand.

If you would like to take this course or learn more about it click here.

2. FreeCodeCamp.Org

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