Six steps to write a cover letter

How long do you think an employer would take to select a candidate when he/she walks to an interview? Less than 40 seconds! They look at your CV and within 40 seconds they decide whether to take you or not. That’s what happens in most of the big busy companies. With all that limited time frame you must be ready to showcase yourself in the best possible way. The first step towards this; the cover letter you send together with your CV. 

Your cover letter should show why they should hire you and not anyone else. It should show how flexible and talented you are in your work, maybe even as profitable weaknesses. ‘I work too much and forget about my personal life and it is my biggest weakness. Well, you convey the hidden message that you’re a dedicated employee in that weakness tactic.

A cover letter is also the best way to express your key skills and experiences. But remember never repeat what’s there in your CV already. Be simple, clear, attentive and attractive altogether.

Here at, we thought to give you some quick tips on writing the best cover letter. Writing a cover letter takes time and organizing skills. You will need a cover letter on many occasions. Especially if you are looking for your first job or an internship, you will definitely need an excellent cover letter. 

Let’s first work on how to write a cover letter for an internship. 

All the relevant skills and experiences which make you the best candidate for the role you apply should be highlighted and focused thoroughly by a good cover letter. It should grab the potential employer and make him/her want to go through the rest of your resume with a keen eye. To make all this come true, there are few points to be included in your winning cover letter.

The exact role of applying

   Stating this at the start depicts that you considered the position and what makes you the best fit for it. Not only that, it ensures the employer that you have made a cover letter specifically for them, and have not sent them a general cover letter. This is definitely a good impression of the applicant’s side.

Right keywords

   No matter how elaborative your cover letter is, if it does not include relevant and right keywords, it won’t grab the potential employers’ attention. Most of the time your cover letter and the CV will be subjected to skimming. So, if you didn’t include the correct keywords at the correct time, they will not pay you much attention

Relevant coursework

   Since we are writing a cover letter for an internship, there is a possibility that you have little to no work experience. In that case, include the relevant coursework, so that the employer can see why you fit for the role. These can be related courses, diplomas, etc.

Relevant skills

   Here you need to highlight all the relevant knowledge, education and expertise which will be useful for the employer and which will make you the perfect candidate for the role. Volunteer work experience, extracurricular activities you followed or related accomplishments can be included here.

An explanation as to why you are a good fit for the role

   All these needs are well thought and organized one or two sentences describing your strongest qualifications for the internship. For this, understand the job description and job specification well so that you can pinpoint and prioritize what matters the most.

A description which shows what you wish to gain from the role applied.

   This is your chance to convince the employer that hiring you will definitely be worth the while. When they present internships, they expect the interns to get specific qualifications and training through it hoping they would shape the intern to maximize the benefits towards the company. Therefore, impress the potential employer by highlighting what you wish to learn and accomplish through the internship.

Bonus tips.

Make sure you review your cover letter prior to send. It’s absolutely okay to have several trial letters. 

Make sure you follow each mentioned steps closely. hopes that now you can confidently create your own cover letter. But in any case, if you need professional help, just drop an mail to You also can call, message or Whatsapp on 07765432104

Happy job hunting guys!!!

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